Always, Lina…

I am going through different seasons of discovering all that is “me”. In these various seasons, I am digging deep to learn more about myself, God and my family. I feel that we are constantly evolving and changing and with that brings out different parts of ourselves that we never knew existed or ever dealt with.

I am on a journey of healing and self love. Healing of my mind, body and soul. I feel that it’s so crucial that self-care is implemented in our daily lives. The world has so many expectations and demands of how we should be that we lose ourselves in it. We should be true to ourselves, but most of all, true to our God. In life, stay true, stay grateful and stay focused. If on nothing else, stay focused on God, he will always lead you to the right place and allow you to grow spiritually and mentally while you find it.

That’s just how amazing he is 🙂

Xoxo, Lina